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GetReal Get Healthy Challenge Week 8: Un-Plug!

Hello fellow Challengers! We have been so impressed with everyone’s dedication so far. Keep it up!

This week’s challenge will certainly be an interesting one for most of us…your task? To PRACTICE MINDFUL EATING. What does this mean exactly? It means you focus on what you’re eating when chowing down without paying attention to that TV, your ever important smart phone, the handy dandy computer, your latest book, etc. It means you pay attention to WHAT you’re eating and how MUCH you are eating (imagine that…)

Why is this important? Well, research shows that when you eat with distractions, you are more likely to eat too much and not enjoy your food as much as you would if you tuned out (or better yet, turned off) all those distracting gadgets. Eating while not fully present results in MINDLESS EATING. Studies consistently show the destructive power of mindless and distracted eating. Think of the last time you were at the movies and chowed down on that uber-sized popcorn or candy till the bag was empty – were you really hungry? Did you even stop to consider it? Probably not, because you were happily distracted by the movie.

Consider this: if you were to only eat food sitting down at the table with no distractions would you eat the same types of food or amounts? The answer, likely, is no. First, your body would be able to acknowledge when you’re satisfied sooner than you would with all the previous distractions, and secondly, you would just get plain bored of sitting there for an hour over-indulging (yes, large festive-related meals excluded).

So here’s your Do It and Post It for this week:

Do It: For 1 meal per day at least, avoid eating in front of any screen – computer, TV, phone and focus. On. Your. Food.
Post It: Let us know how hard (or simple) it was to eat while not looking at any screen.

Good luck!

– A. & M.


7 thoughts on “GetReal Get Healthy Challenge Week 8: Un-Plug!

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  3. My first step on this challenge was to stop taking a bag of snacks with me to the TV. I have started taking healthier snacks, such as smart pop popcorn, but I still don’t need the whole bag, so why not just put half in a small bowl otherwise I will eat the whole bag without realizing it. At supper yesterday I tried to be more conscious of what I was eating, including the snacks while cooking and the cleaning up of the leftovers after as well. I felt full and hadn’t finished my entire meal yet. Then guess what? I stopped eating! These were leftovers from the day before and I had eaten at least 30% more the night before.

    • Wowzers! Awesome reflection. So you felt the same in terms of fullness even though you ate 30% less??! Amazing. That proves the whole “mindless margin” – research has shown that people can’t tell the difference between approximately 20% more or LESS food. We have to use that to our advantage. Keep it up Jolene!

  4. Funny – I eat my breakfast while reading emails, and my lunch while watching tv. However, I do eat dinner each night with my daughter, at the table, talking about her day!! So, at least I am 33% there!!

    • Interesting stuff, Christine. Great to hear you have that time eating “mindfully” with your dtr at night. I wonder what it would be like to eat lunch and then watch TV when you’re done…and you’re so right, 1/3 of the way there is pretty awesome 🙂

  5. this one was a HARD one for me. My husband and I frequently eat while watching TV. yikes. We are trying to make an effort to set the table though and eat there. It’s nice!

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